What an amazingly honest and open letter…to All of us in various places on the Continuum!
It’s refreshing to hear that you weren’t just Born into the place that you are now, but rather bled, sweat and probably teared a bunch getting there.
I loved reading it all…and read it again.
I’m pretty sure we won’t end up in the exact same place that you are, because it’s YOUR life to live, but it IS encouraging that we will each be as sure to find our places as You did!
Thanks for giving so much to so many.
Marching On on My Continuum:)

Laura Roberts
Aka Hastypearl


I just want to tell you how much I enjoy all of your magazines. ┬áThe way they are layed out is so inviting and I can’t wait to read them when they come out.

Thank you for producing such enjoyable reads.


Bonjour, Jo!

This feature is probably my most favorite press to date and your team is hands down my most favorite to work with–consummate professionals and so enthusiastic and easy!!!!

I have been “pimping” it on my instagram and FB–and appreciate this attachment as I can promote it more. I would like two copies to give away to followers and I am sending an email to Dianne now for a slew for the boutique.

I can not thank you ENOUGH!!!! I’m over the moon with how it all turned out and the entire process was so uplifting. You’ve created something pretty special and amazing.

Kathy Delgado

Vintageweave Interiors

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